Author Claire Adlam

Claire Adlam

I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, and started my career in PR after school, training under a formidable media writer. In 2006 I decided to try something new and moved to Cape Town, where I now run a busy branding, design and communications agency.

I wrote This Might Sting a Bit years ago, but the first version was too long. Slowly, I began to edit and, in 2021, the time was finally right to let the book leave home.

If this book awakens something in just one person, I’ll be happy. While it tackles a big topic, I kept the story light as I never wanted to write a heavy, depressing ‘it’s off to rehab for you’ book. There are so many of those already.

This Might Sting a Bit – the title? Well, if I had a dollar for every time a doctor has said that to me, I’d be writing this in Bali.

I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to leave a quick review.